The elimination of federal earmarks has established the U.S. market as the world’s largest for the purchasing and selling of goods and services. A10 helps clients to identify and capture funding streams and secure government contracts at the municipal, state and federal levels. Our team is well-versed in devising winning procurement strategies that have generated millions of dollars in additional revenue to our clients.

Our success stems from our ability to integrate into your company as an extension of your business development team. We apply a market-based approach that utilizes data-driven research to inform our clients’ procurement opportunities and strategies. Our experts understands what motivates key decision makers and know how to market to their interests as a means of winning bids. Our experts are in tune with what motivates stakeholders nationwide and know how to market to their interests. We weigh our clients’ goals against overall market potential to deliver actionable recommendations that have proven to achieve success at the state and municipal level.

Relationship Building

We establish early communication with key decision makers and foster robust relationships with local partners that will support our clients’ in procurement procedures.

Intelligence Gathering

Our policy experts consistently filter data and insight to make informed decisions that will benefit your financial bottom line.

Securing Local Partners

We recruit local business and advocacy partners to educate decision makers and advance your organization’s legislative goals.


Government sales cycles are traditionally long-term; we will supplement your company’s growth efforts by facilitating private sector sales so that clients may sooner realize new revenue and receive immediate returns upon investing in A10 Associates.

Project Management

Our team will guide your organization through the entire RFP process, from bidding, to implementation and follow-up maintenance.

Neutralize Opposition

We employ local partners to provide critical insight and offer strategic introductions that will benefit your organization’s procurement strategy.


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