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Operating at the intersection of business and politics, A10 Associates promises strategic coverage to clients looking to engage government at the state, local and federal levels, strengthen their public profile, and enhance their national market share.

Our team applies a market-based approach to traditional government affairs activities. We employ data-driven research to assess potential market opportunities and deliver actionable recommendations to clients looking to grow their bottom line. This approach has proven successful in generating profitable public-private partnerships throughout the country.

What We Do


Federal Government Affairs

Our highly skilled team helps clients navigate the political terrains of Washington, DC and find winning solutions.

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State Government Affairs

With boots on the ground in red and blue states across the country, our experts are in tune with what motivates stakeholders nationwide and are well equipped to target their interests.

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Our team is well-versed in devising winning procurement strategies that have proven successful in generating millions of dollars in additional revenue to our clients.

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Our Expertise


Our team is committed to advancing bipartisan policy objectives that we believe will benefit U.S. economic development. We concentrate our efforts on select policy matters so that we may better understand and serve our clients’ interests.


Our firm is dedicated to repairing America’s infrastructure. We represent a range of clients in the transportation industry, including civil engineers and mobility operators that are committed to connecting rural and urban communities nationwide.


Our Nation’s infrastructure requires significant private sector investment in order to support economic development. We represent developers, site prep contractors and construction firms in their efforts to grow their market share, win projects and navigate regulatory challenges.

Security & Defense

Digital attacks are on track to outpace nuclear weapons as the number one threat to mankind. Our firm represents both technological and physical defense companies focused on informing and shaping U.S. national security policy.

Technology & Innovation

America’s economy increasingly encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. We have proven successes in helping our clients introduce exciting, new technologies into the marketplace, grow their bottom line and navigate regulatory arenas.

Financial Services

The U.S. market is one of the most robust and diverse markets in the world. We represent clients across the financial services sector, including savings providers, private equity firms and certified public accountants to mitigate regulatory challenges and maximize investment into America’s future.

Energy & Sustainability

We represent clients – ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small-scale startups – looking for innovative ways to conserve resources and utilize renewable energy.

Where We Work

Nationally Bipartisan

Private Sector Business Development // Municipal Procurement, Public-Private Partnerships
Financial Services, Transportation, Infrastructure // State and Local Procurement, Public-Private Partnerships
Transportation, Public Safety // State and Local Procurement, Legislative Lobbying
New York:
International Business Development, Foreign Direct Investment
Transportation, Infrastructure, Hospitality // State and Local Procurement, Economic Development, Public-Private Partnerships
Infrastructure, Energy & Sustainability // State and Local Procurement, Business Development
North Carolina:
Infrastructure, FEMA // Public-Private Partnerships, Economic Development
Washington, D.C.:
Security & Defense, Financial Services, Transportation, Infrastructure // Legislative Lobbying, Procurement, International Business Development
Energy & Sustainability, Smart Cities // State and Local Procurement, Economic Development, Public-Private Partnerships
Transportation, Infrastructure // Public-Private Partnerships, Economic Development
Energy & Sustainability, Smart Cities // State and Local Procurement, Economic Development, Public-Private Partnerships
Transportation, Infrastructure // State and Local Procurement, Economic Development, Public-Private Partnerships
Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy & Sustainability, Smart Cities // State and Local Procurement, Legislative Lobbying, Economic Development, Public-Private Partnerships


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